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steve: meanwhile, combing through the secret hell hole compound, police out in california armed with shovels, even chainsaws searching for clues in the jaycee dugard case. why their attention turning to the neighbor's property. we will tell you about that. brian: bubble gum and crack teres for eight days just to stay alive. three missing boaters found 180 miles out to sea. who found them and how are they doing? we'll answer those questions and a few more. slogan comes to us from jack in georgia. north, south, east, and west. "fox & friends" is the best. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute brian: i recognize that music. steve: welcome aboard. gretchen: we are up in gear. steve doocy is back from vacation. i hope had you a wonderful time. steve: i went to the mother land of ireland for seven or eight days. it was fantastic. brian: meanwhile when the judge came back he found kilmeadian,
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the town. you came back with a w. no information about my ancestors. steve: i was at a place called kilmeadian jail. gretchen: it's not about you, brian. brian: i think it is. let's talk about the myriad of issues including firefighters out of in california. gretchen: start with your evidence lines for a monday morning. a bunch of stuff going on today including this fox news alert. a massive wildfire burning out of control near l.a. leaves two firefighters dead. vehicle overrun by fierce flames. plunged off the side of a mountain. captain ted mchall was 47 years old a veteran firefighter with 26 years on the job. 35-year-old battling fires for the last eight years. more than 40,000 acres scorched. we will keep an eye on this developing story and bring you updates throughout the morning. investigators armed with shovels, cadaver dogs, even
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chainsaws checking out the yard of phillip garrido's neighbor. accused of kidnapping a girl and keeping her for 1 years. >> he lived in that property on a shed that's why he was there that is why we are primarily taking a close look at that property. gretchen: we are learning while she was being held she was working for delaware doe garrido. interactive with customers regularly by phone and email. coming up at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, we will talk with the officers who caught garrido. and saved dugard. a 19-year-old hospitalized in savanah he was found along with seven other bodies. police not saying how the victims were killed. just that they range in age from teens to adults. there is $255,000 reward leading
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to an arrest. for more than a week they sharks chewing gum. they are reunited with heir families. the texas fisherman were rescued. they were found sitting on top of a capsized catamaran. a local car are dealer on his yacht spotted the men waving t shirts. they come swinging -- swimming to us. i was going to pull them in the boat hell they jumped in the boat. gretchen: 42-year-old hawkins is eternally grateful. >> i told eddy who picked us up he gave me a second chance at life. now i'm not going to take it for granted. gretchen: the coast guard had called off the search for those guys on friday. the sec inspector general is set to deliver a new report today that blasts the agency for failing to catch bernie madoff.
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h. david cots investigating the ponzi scheme after his arrest. asked cots to find out why the agency deemed allegations not credible? the agency probably made a lot of mistakes. cots tells fox business that he is sending the report to the sec today and they will decide how to handle the results. space shuttle "discovery" successfully docked at the international space station but it wasn't without incident. the thrust is bumpier. seven astronauts are dropping off thousands of pounds of equipment there they will be performing three spacewalks. the first one tomorrow. i was actually up late enough friday night to watch that live. around midnight time. way past my bedtime. brian: you are allowed on a friday. gretchen: not recommended however. brian: vice president dick cheney sat down with chris wallace on saturday and we saw it on sunday. he talked about his feelings six
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days after the attorney general eric holder said there will be an investigation into the interrogation tactics and techniques during the 2003-2005 era during the bush administration. that sent the former vice president off. steve: you can say that right. when holder announced that this fellow by the name of john durham would reconsider criminal charges against those interrogators working on behalf of the federal government. there is the prosecutor who is looking at it. that set cheney off. is he not happy. here he is on fox news sunday yesterday talking about what this could potentially do to the central intelligence agency. >> we had a track record of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attackss from al qaeda. the approach of the obama administration should be to come to those people involved in that policy and say how did you do it? what were the keys of keeping the country safe over that period of time.
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instead they're out there now threatening to disbar the lawyers who gave us the legal opinions. threatening contrary to what the president originally said. it's a very, very devastating, i think, effect that it has on morale inside the intelligence community. if they assume that they are going to have to be dealing with the political consequence and it's clearly a political move. i mean, there is no other rationale for why they are doing this then they will be reluctant. gretchen: sets a press debt for how the cia will interrogate in the future. who will want to work for the cia. how are they going to know how to interrogate if it's not exactly by that manual and will it be any good? now will it be so watered down that we won't be able to get any information. that's the number one thing. he also went on to say that president obama may have agreed to do this to score points with the far left. even though obama said he has nothing do-to-do with this and
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wants to move forward to the future. brian: evidence has shown that khalid sheik mohammed was not cooperating at all until they started the high intensity interrogations. his spirit was broken. after his capture march 1st, 2003. i told old stuff. after the interrogation started picking up steam, he began to tell all the stuff. here is vice president dick cheney on the methods used and the results that were gotten from can a -- khalid sheik mohammed. >> the interesting thing it s. it shows that mohammed and would you have bade would you have bay day. they were pivotal in the war against al qaeda. the interrogation of techniques specifically waterboarding in the case of khalid sheik mohammed is what really persuaded him he needed to cooperate. steve: ok. so there you go.
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it worked. it kept us safe. that's what we have been hearing from the george w. bush administration over the last six months or so. brian: i would say this, from the cia inspector general john hagelson. the cia said we have an inspector general who goes in there and decides what the conclusions are these are the conclusions that dick cheney says this is a portion of what i wanted released it was released in saturday's "the washington post." steve: here is the outrageous part. as gretch just mentioned cheney said this is an outrageous political act that the current administration would go back digging around. remember, leon panetta the the guy who runs the cia agency now said to holder don't do it. then you have got barack obama saying i want to look forward, not backwards. yesterday john kerry, who wanted to be president of the united states actually defended this decision. listen to this. >> the president himself has been unbelievably bending in the direction of trying to be careful about what happens to
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national security, protecting our national security interest. being very sensitive about the cias prerogatives and needs and so forth. steve: dianne feinstein is furious at the attorney general. saying why would they launch this before my committee is finished with its results? gretchen: well, and a lot of people are asking whether or not the president even though he says he wants to move forward is not really behind some of this because, you know, doesn't attorney general work completely on his or her own? steve: they're on the same page. gretchen: they are probably on the same page. vice president cheney brought up i have serious doubt about his policies. he is talking about president obama, to the extent he understands and is prepared to do what needs to be done to defend the nation. that's a pretty strong statement coming from the former vice president of the united states. speesking about another international issue. last week, of course, or two weeks ago all the stink about letting that lockerbie bomber
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free in libya. more and more details coming out about whether or not there was a deal of some sort between the united kingdom and libya over oil to let that character go. when we started talking about this last week, guys, i was like there is no way that there this could be true that there was a deal. the united states could no longer be friends with great britain if this is in fact true. there is more information coming out that it may, in fact, have happened. steve: papers in u.k. the sunday "times" of london said that british foreign minister jack straw wrote it was quote in the overwomenning interest of the u.k. to let libyan bomber eligible for released. there is straw right there. he didn't want his name mentioned but then caved. also another newspaper over there says that there have been a number of times over the last 24 months or so where the governments of the united kingdom and triply of libya have been negotiating with shell.
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so you have got british petroleum, also shell involved. they say it was clearly quid pro quo. but, speaking of quid pro quo, chuck schumer, the senator from new york said if that's true, if he was released for oil, they are going to be in trouble. listen. >> if it is proven that there was a quid pro quo. even though britain is our friend there, ought to be sanctions against the british government. steve: ouch. brian: there is no sanctions against the british government. this is wrong, it's abhor, it's going to destroy gordon brown's career. they got it in writing saying they can't blow this 25-million-dollar deal. the british are dying with us in iraq. dying with us in afghanistan. you don't throw this in the street because of one politician made a hideous move for economic gain. that's personally how i feel. on top of that i know these people are outraged also there were british on that plane that died, too. people on the ground in
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lockerbie, scotland got hit by the plane. gretchen: if the president of the united states had done a deal with libya for oil. maybe this is going on behind our backs, this would be a humongous international story. brian: this is a huge deal. gretchen: i'm not sure finance country of those mistakes you can pass off and say maybe gordon brown's career suffers. brian bruin you don't throw away 225 years of a relationship because of this incident. you work tout. do you that behind the scenes. you come out with an apology. they are the only people that fight with us. you can't just get rid of the only people that stand by us. gretchen: they should have thought about that. steve: so curious that you know, this guy, essentially served what did -- this was a big story in ireland when i was over there. this guy only served two weeks per person that he wound up killing. so they have been our ally but did they do it for oil? email us right now what do you think? gretchen: we'll have the family of one of those victims from the
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lockerbie bombing. we will have one of those victims, a family member later on in the show. massive reform on health care passes, young americans will be the ones picking up the majority of the huge tab. do they know about that yet? what do they think? >> i like having the choices that i have in my own health care and i don't want that liberty to be taken away from me and put in the hands of a bureaucrat. gretchen: that's not their only concern. hear from a panel of college students on why they are seriously worried about potential changes. brian: police thought its with a drunk driver behind the wheel of this car. turns out it was a 9-year-old. why he stole his mom's car and lead police on a high speed chase. steve: he is a weaver. people stop us when we're walking, and they'll say, "did you shine up her spots?" [ woman announcing ] just another way purina one... unlocks the brilliance of nature... to transform the life of your dog. for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it.
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steve: welcome back. in the months leading up to the november elections. the youth of america made their voices heard in unprecedented way supporting the president. yet, when it comes to health care, the young people seem to
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be absent from the debate. where do they stand on universal coverage and how do they feel about footing the bill. joining us today, we have got from barnard university, lauren salts and bernie wineberg is from new york, university. meanwhile david alaska -- i have messed this up. lauren is from barnard. david alaska is from nyu. kate is from barnard and barry wine guard is from columbia university. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> have you been watching the debate on television? >> i definitely have been watching the debate on television. >> what do you think? >> i think that health reform from principle is a good idea for young people. i think the current form of the bill is unacceptable. >> because there are a lot of people, barey, in your age demographic who are eligible to buy health insurance right now. but they don't want to because they figure, you know, development to spend the money.
6:18 am
i don't have a lot of money. i'm healthy. you know, i'm bullet-proof, essentially. >> unfortunately, i think that's the mentality that a lot of us have. but health care originated with catastrophic coverage to cover events that aren't necessarily predictable and that's the coverage that we need. so if i get into a car accident or get hit walking across the street after, this i'm going to want health care and i'm going to want health insurance to comp that. steve: that's a very mature ideal because kids your age are saying it's going to cost me $25 a week more at work if die. this i would rather have it myself. so they don't get it. >> right. i think that's one of the benefits of maybe having a public option that could extend some of that to younger folks like me. >> even though though don't want it it's going to be jammed down their throat if he this wind one universal care. >> one the things potentially disastrous about this bill is it really does have the potential to destroy the quality of health care that does exist for this country.
6:19 am
the pay or play option, in particular, is potentially troubling. what you have is that companies can either provide full insurance for all of their employees or face an 8.5% tax. if they choose not to play, they can pay. that is to say they can pay that tax. and take their coverage away from the employees that do have it. that could potentially lead to overburdening the system. further vationing of health care than we already have. >> kate, what do you think? >> see, for me, i believe that health care when we are talking about a public option or when we are talking about young people, we need to especially make sure that young people have access to health care. young people are more likely not to be offered health care insurance about half of what older americans are. >> there are so many young people who are offered it and simply say, you know what? i'm healthy. i'm not going to take it? >> for me that's a fallacy. i think all young americans want health care. i think we want health care in order to be able to provide for accidents. i tore my acl my junior year in
6:20 am
high school i can only imagine the debt my family would have if i wasn't fortunate enough to have health care. going forward we need to go with the understanding that most young americans probably want health care. they don't want to be saddled with medical debt. if there is a case where you don't -- where somebody doesn't want health care, then i think we need to figure something out. i don't think that it's the norm that people don't want health care. steve: ok. although i know a lot of kids college age and none of them are even paying attention to this debate. because they figure, you know what? that's what you do when you are old and you are sick and stuff like that. anyway, we are going to continue the conversation. excellent comments so far. our panel is going to talk about next. a new proposal that would give the president essentially control of the internet. if he is deemed an emergency, he could simply flip a switch and turn it off. what about that straight ahead? some good news about those massive bailouts you helped pay for. the u.s. government actually making some money off of them now. we will tell you why straight
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through treatment... my life's a whole lot brighter now... brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services. steve: there is a new senate bill being proposed by rockefeller, west virginia, that would give control of the internet to the white house in cases of emergency. we are continuing our conversation with our college panel today. kate, let me start with you. do you like the idea of the fact that the president of the united states if this bill were to become law could say ok there is an emergency right now, so i'm not going to flip off the internet. i'm going to turn off google and all the internet service -- providers? >> i would want to know the specific cases under which that would be allowable or have some
6:25 am
guidelines as to understand that i'm, at the same time, really, really concerned about cyber security. both about personal information that there may be on the internet and then the growing threat of cyber attack. so, for me, i would love -- i'm excited to see this. steve: the problem this particular bill, and it's gone back to committee and they have been working ton for half a year, is that it is so vague, you know, the language is so broad, it winds up giving the president broad powers in a lot of gray areas. >> bottom line is no one has greater insensitive to protect networks than private administrators. that's their livelihood and what they depend on. i have never met the to the president. gun to my head i guess he probably doesn't know a whole lot about hierarch call networks. this power is going to give him power to quote do whatever necessary in cyber emergency. whatever whenever. that's potentially very frightening.
6:26 am
steve: barey, what do you think? >> i think this is a bill still being worked out in the senate. i think that a lot of the details are still being haggled over. you will have private industry come in and work together with the government to help make sure that our networks are safe. steve: why do you say that? right now it pretty much gives the president the authority because the language is so vague, and that's something that he that they are doing in washington a lot. if there are no details legislators are going to wind up just grabbing whatever they possibly can. >> well, and i think one of the things is that's almost a prod to private industry. in order to make sure this doesn't happen, this will just be a further incentive for private industry to regulate itself and make sure it has the best security. steve: we know outfits like craigslist do a great job at that go ahead, lauren. >> the main problem with this bill is vagueness. they don't define what cyber security is. who is going to be overnight they say implementation within
6:27 am
six months. the takes over a year. we need to see a full legal review before anything is done. >> in may barack obama actually had it right when he poo -- proposed to give tax incentives to private companies that increase their security. why he has backed off of that now is curious. >> that's not what the bill is wholly about. it's not just about having this emergency power. it's also about giving federal scholarships to people who study cyber security and, you know, working with the private industry. you can't really say that they're going to shut off the internet. there is language problems with the networks. it is dangerous and vague the language. steve: they are talking about it essentially it would would give barack obama, president of the united states the power that george bush had in when he turned off all the air traffic. ground outline the airplanes. >> that's a fallacy that's not how the sweater works. decentralized system. no big switch cuff pull and shut off the entire network it would
6:28 am
have to be through government cooperation. steve: i government could figure out a way to do it? >> i wish because maybe we would get real health care. steve: turn off the internet except facebook and twitter. right? lauren, david, kate, and barry. we thank you for joining our college panel today. you are all back to college now? >> still have another week or two. >> i have another month. steve: meanwhile, should the government be in charge of your medical diagnosis or should your doctor do that? one group of doctors says the president needs to but out. is the man who kidnapped jaycee dugard and held her 18 years also a serial killer? his father says yes. what investigators have found so far in antioch, california. some pint sized trouble behind the wheel going 08 miles per hour. look at that screen left.
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gretchen: welcome back, it's half past the hour. hope you are having a wonderful day. a story with bizarre details young girl at 11 abducted 1 years ago jaycee do you guard. -- dugard. the guy who allegedly abducted her kept her as a sex slave of sorts for the last 18 years. fathered two children with her. the more details now coming out is that he actually went away for prison for a couple of those years. she stayed on the property. steve: with his wife. brian: what i found unbelievable is that she worked-i he renamed her alyssa, jaycee, and she worked as one of the key members of his printing company. where he was basically -- she sounds like she was the graphic designer and would interact with customers on a regular basis, even follow up with emails. steve: it's extraordinary. there are some email that have come out this morning now that show that she would essentially
6:34 am
she would talk to clients printing business operated out this guy's house. she would talk about i will send you the billing sheet there were a few typos, you would never know that this particular person who was writing that, shed in the back of that guy's house for 18 years. gretchen: at the neighbor's property too. that has become a crime scene. phillip garrido was the caretaker of his neighbor's property in the last few years. whether or not they will find evidence there, who knows what was going on in that house. now that's been quarantined off. can you imagine the amount of evidence that they are possibly going to be walking away with in the last 18 years. brian: "new york post" with the story this morning about the father this guy garrido, i think my son did do that they should look into those murders. he blames his ex-wife suffering from dementia for knowing this was going on, and not doing anything protecting her son.
6:35 am
now the other interesting elements of this is what is the condition of the three girls. the 29-year-old who was captured and the two other, her kids who are upset their dad is in prison. think about that 29-year-old according to the stepfather does not look 29. gretchen: meaning what older or younger? brian: younger. the other kids don't understand. they are beginning to explain to her she is also to a degree embarrassed what she was forced to do and allowed herself to do. one thing somewhat reassuring she is home schooled. you don't have 15 and 11-year-old who's don't know how to spell. you don't have to star from day one about how to read and write. gretchen: who cares about two plus two equals four when you have gone throughout other hell that they have gone through. their emotional well, is going to be all screwed up. steve: extraordinary story this guy has been wearing an ankle bracelet for years. a parole officer came to his
6:36 am
house a number of times. didn't realize he had prisoners. as brian mentioned, he went to jail for a couple of years. you have would think if she really wanted to get away, she would. no, all the experts say essentially they start to identify with their captors. and they feel if they do run away something would happen to the little girls. we are just learning the tip of the iceberg. this is an enormous story. awful, awful. brian: 24 minutes before the top of the hour. gretchen: schools around the country are preparing to inoculate children in what could be the largest vaccine since the days of polio. the h1n1 flu isn't any deadier than any flu the. so far the real shock infections are 20 times more common in the 5 to 24-year-old age group than in people over 656789 the u.s. government has bought 195 million doses and massachusetts is even deposit pew advertising dentists who help go give out the vaccine. go to fox for more information on the vaccine. a 10-year-old boy faces murder
6:37 am
charges this morning. accused of shooting his own father to death. police in new mexico say the boy used his own rifle to shoot his dad because he didn't like how his father was disciplining him. the boy's 6-year-old sister witnessed the incident and is now staying with relatives. the boy in the custody of family services. the agency has checked out the family in the past. $4 billion in profits. that's how much the u.s. government has made back from tarp. 8 large banks including goldman sachs, morgan stanley and american express have fully repaid their obligations. the government collected 45 million from 14 smaller banks. the 17 billion-dollar bailout was approved last october. the government may be making money off tarp but it's time to stop all the spending. that's the word from a grouch leading economists say there is no need for second stimulus package. uncle sam should tighten his belt instead. experts also doubt.
6:38 am
i'm just doing. this because i'm hearing directions from brian outside in my ear. thanks. the health care reforms will actually lower cost. this all part of the national association for business economic survey which comes out today. all right. check out this video. you are not going to believe it. dash cam video the driver of this car looks drunk. that's what police thought. turns out the driver was sober, just 9 years old. he could barely see over the steering wheel. that didn't stop him from leading police on a chase that topped speeds of 80 miles per hour. he stole his mom's car after sneaking out of bed because he was mad. he couldn't stay out late. police arrested him. no one hurt, and no word if they will charge him. wow. all right. steve, brian? i know you are outside playing a little tennis. steve: we are because today kicks off the u.s. tennis open at flushing meadows. so we ohave got some of the
6:39 am
guys. -- brian: are you aiming that at my head? brian: we have a minicourt out here. business channel emerged for the cover of the u.s. open and there is a lot of interest here in new york about it and around the world. we have the brian brothers, the top doubles team in the country. where is the little ball boy here? where is kramer? steve: good job, chris. he knocked down the pole. what's wrong with you? brian: hold it up now. steve: take a look what's going on weatherwise. brian: i'm going to need about sports. do we have a prompter up there? steve: widely scattered showers down through texas and central plains and mid-atlantic as well. meanwhile, see if we can move this map. today's daytime highs. hot through portions of the desert. 60's and 70's throughout the northeast and pleasant in the central plains. and that's a look at your fox travelcast.
6:40 am
now it's time for the sports. brian: let me tell what you is happening in the world of sports, nfl chicago bears jake use dodd play for the denver broncos wanted to put his behind him. trying to do that but the fans in denver who are upset that he did not, of course, come back to that team this year and demanded a trade. they weren't too happy as a result. they booed him throughout. in the end drove for a safety. pro bowler would bounce back for the second quarter. end zone for the touchdown. cutler finished up. played first two quarters. everyone is mad at him in denver. final score denver wins 24-17 over the bears. talk a little golf. some days tiger eats up the greens other days it eats him up. woods started the final round of the barkleys five strokes back but rallied. easy tap in for par. you are looking on it horseshoes around the cup. toad comes -- tiger woods comes
6:41 am
back. heath slocum, this day would belong to him. steady all day. 20-foot putt to future away. he takes away $1.5 million for victory. his first pga title in four years. quick look what's happening in the world of sports. to be honest i couldn't concentrate because i would rather play tennis. gretchen, i don't know if you want to take it back but i want to play. good job standing in. gretchen: work on those forehands a little bit. be back out there with new a little bit. who knows best about your health. the doctor or the government? next guest can answer that for you. richard smith orthopedic oncologist with the pennsylvania orthopedic society. now they are going public with their opposition to president obama's health care plan. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning, thank you. gretchen: so you decide to go public with the fact that you wholeheartedly disagree with president obama's health care reform plan. i find continue treeing because for the last couple of months a lot of people were asking why have doctors not come forward and really spoken out before now
6:42 am
now? >> well, i think it's -- that's a very good question, but i think it's now become apparent that we need to take a stand. i can't tell you how many times in my office i see it approximately 100 patients a week. and many, many times, patients will come up to me and say, you know, doc, where is the medical community. what is your position on the obama plan? so the pennsylvania orthopedic society last week unanimously decided to come out and not support the obama plan we think it's a horrible piece of legislation. we felt somewhat attacked by the administration during a recent town meeting with obama. he came out and made some outrageous comments. orthopedic surgeons get paid 30 to $50,000 to do a bologna
6:43 am
amputation. which is simply not true. it's misleading. think this that was frankly the that you have broke the camel's back in terms of the pennsylvania orthopedic society which represents approximately 1,000 highwayer specialist notice state of pennsylvania. the keystone state. once we heard about this we needed to move. gretchen: you deal with people with cancer who in some cases are dying. >> yes. correct. gretchen: what do you feel about end of life counseling. told us in the past they already do that they don't need the government to mandate how to do it? >> absolutely correct. you will could not be more right on issue that. the plan is supposedly to fix what is broken in health care. and there is absolutely no indication at all that doctorsths don't do a great job in end of life counseling. there is no reason for the government to get involved in this issue. we live free. we are a free country. part of that means we die free. we don't need the government telling us how to die.
6:44 am
and it's really all about rationing. you are right. i see cancer patients every day doctors do end of life counseling. ministers, brothers, sisters, wives, children. families. gretchen: unfortunately i have to blap it up as that as somebody who witnesses this almost on a daily basis, we he really appreciate your thoughts this morning. thank you for sharing your time with us. >> thank you very much. gretchen: this is a story that we first told but on friday. a woman, a comedian, being sued by her own mother-in-law for making fun of her. does this lawsuit stand a chance in court? our legal panel weighs in next. i really was amazed to see the change in her coat. people stop us when we're walking, and they'll say, "did you shine up her spots?" [ woman announcing ] just another way purina one... unlocks the brilliance of nature... to transform the life of your dog. for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it. it just makes you feel wonderful.
6:45 am
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6:48 am
>> i have a jewish mother-in-law. maybe the lights are too bright you can't see because of the highlights. i'm a black woman with a jewish mother-in-law. i knew there was requesting to be drama from the moment i -- i met my mother-in-law. have you ever met someone in the first five seconds i can't stand this witch. i met ruthy for the first time i'm trying to be so polite. she said thank you so much for having me. the pleasure is all mine, have a seat. health, put my -- elliott, put my pocketbook away. does the mother-in-law have a case? defense attorney and fox news legal analyst arthur aidala joins us along with prosecutor josh handshaft. josh, what do you think? it sounds as though the comedian is speaking specifically about that woman but at the same time comedians always make jokes about their mother-in-law. >> that's the problem, yes. you can say let's take it light. let's make jokes. but the problem is here, she made fun of somebody and included this is my mother-in-law and this is her name and defamed this person. that's a problem.
6:49 am
steve: in her act, she used the mother-in-law's actual name? >> yeah. here is the problem. you can't go around defaming people. we have freedom of speech, yes. this woman, let's say she is -- >> except the truth is an absolute defense of the mother-in-law's is a wench. steve: whoa. >> there is something called intentional tort where if you say things, even if it is the truth but your only reason of saying them is to harm someone to cause damage, there is a case. here, steve, she is a comic, her intent is clear. to make people laugh. where would henne youngman be if he wasn't. >> now flip it, arthur a priest or a teacher. you make some comment they are a child molester. it's ok. >> they do. look at father guido. >> i'm suing for this priest you can't make fun of the priest. now his career is effected. >> was her intent really to hurt her mother-in-law? to damage her in the community
6:50 am
or her intent to make people laugh? >> you can do that without putting the name attached. you don't need to name her. steve: here is the problem. now. >> the mother-in-law is suing the comedian. the comedian's husband is a lawyer. his firm -- so essentially it's them versus mom. >> i would like to be the hanukkah dinner or the christmas dinner in that family. that's going to be a lot of fun. a lot of fun. >> all right. what do you think? email us right now. does she have a case? arthur, josh, thank you. great to see you. straight ahead. he killed 270 people in the bombing of panam flight 103. a convicted terrorists is a free man thanks to a deal over oil. we are going to talk to the families of the victims of the crash next. they are outraged. and they survived on bubble gum for eight days at sea. this morning three boaters found 180 miles out to sea. all three of the voters here live in less than 15 minutes. - hello. - hi!
6:51 am
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gretchen: letters from jack straw suggest now that the united kingdom made an agreement with libya to release the lockerbie bomber after a billion-dollar deal between oil giant british petroleum and libya fell through. brian: so was this a compassionate release or did the british government release a terrorist in exchange for 25 billion-dollar oil deal? joining us now is jack and kathleen who's son was killed aboard flight 103. sorry for your loss. i know it seems like yesterday although it was a while ago. your thoughts about how what the london times is reporting this morning? >> it's outrageous to think that our ally is now doing this to america. i mean britain has been our ally
6:55 am
for so long and they are sacrificing the relationship between the united states and britain for the sake of you know a couple of million dollars. it doesn't make any sense to me. i am shocked because i thought that the brits had more integrity and they have been with us the whole time. they understand what happened with flight 103. it's unconscionable. gretchen: for losing a child, in this plane, and i'm so sorry about that and i want you to tell me a little bit about j.p. if i'm feeling the kind of outrage that i'm feeling this morning. gentleman -- i can't imagine, jack, what you are feeling. >> we went through the trial every day. let me tell you about j.p. no, i can't do that. gretchen: i'm sorry. he was a junior at colgate. he was at the syracuse program for a semester in england. he was returning home to go back to school.
6:56 am
he got blown up and killed with 270 other people we went to the trial every day either in the netherlands or in scotland. we went to trial every day and we understood all the evidence. mcgrehe was guilty. and the judges said yes he was guilty. it was very obvious that he worked for the libyan government and this was sanctioned by the libyan government, mr. kadafi. meetings with the maker of the timer, ok? was held in the libyan office with kadafi's office right down the hall. this wasn't like this was a terrorist in the middle of nowhere doing. this this was a terrorist sitting in libyan offices.
6:57 am
brian: this is what kadafi's son says. i will give you a paraphrase. this changes the perception of the west. it shows compassion to the arab community and the muslim world. you should be happy about this. >> i think there is a fine line between compassion and justice. i mean you do not kill 270 innocent people, blowing up an american plane and then decide you are going to give a convicted bomber compassion? there is -- that doesn't -- gretchen: it was one thing to think that that's scotland law that they do in fact, release mass murderers for compassionate reasons he was dying of cancer. that was hard for americans to understand much less ha families went through it but now to find out there may be this other element to it what do you think happens? i hate to say it but to u.s.-u.k. relations? >> i think they are in serious trouble right now. i mean i'm personally shocked
6:58 am
that the u.k. has done. this but the more -- the scary thing is that a mass murderer, you know, is now again walking the streets. i mean, that doesn't make any sense to me. jack, are you in touch with other families to get their perspective. >> yes. brian: how do they feel? >> the same as we do. we have fought together. it's not just kathleen and i fighting. it was a significant number of families involved in victims of panam 103 group. a lot of us did it on individual basis and so on and so forth. so, we have been fighting for justice for 21 years. gretchen: your son j.p. would have been 42? >> um-huh. we remember him today and thank you so much for coming in and sharing your story. >> thank you. i appreciate you getting the message out. gretchen: jack and kathleen flynn. thank you. brian: moving straight ahead now. up next, replacing congress. 57% of americans say just do it like nike would say. what does the former white house press secretary dana perino
6:59 am
think? she is joining us in three minutes. then? gretchen: incredible story of survival. three boaters eight bubble gethsemane gum to stay alive for a week lost at sea. those men tell their unbelievable story next hour. luke: moving my mind and my hands at world record speed. i'm luke myers. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music)
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you know this scale is off by a good 7, 8 pounds. maybe five. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. gretchen: good morning, everyone. mopped, august 31st,2009. this is an amazes story. thee guys spent eight days stuck at see surviving on gun. hear their incredible story of survival. all these of three of these boaters are going to join us live. brian? >> the interrogation methods worked. vice president dick cheney defending the cia's most harsh techniques. >> it was good policy it was properly carried out it worked very, very well. >> even these cases where they went beyond the specific legal authorization, you are ok with it? >> i am. brian: me too. the exclusive one-on-one interview in just three minutes that brian had.
7:03 am
steve: abc the tv network gave president obama a full hour of air time, prime time to talk about health care. the network is now refusing to air this ad criticizing health care reform. we will talk to the man behind this ad. is he not happy on this monday morning. meanwhile our slogan this hour comes from corolla in texas. in my jammies or some other frock, "fox & friends" helps me rock. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute steve: welcome people in frocks or jam js. brian: i don't know what a frock is. gretchen: or maybe a housecoat. do you remember that term? brian: i don't have any jumpers. gretchen: good to have the whole team back together. steve is back from vacation. so welcome back. we start this morning with a fox news alert. one of the u.s. military's top commanders says the strategy in afghanistan is not working.
7:04 am
general stanley mccrystal delivered an assessment this morning. according to reports leaked to the bbc. mccrystal suggests of a fan -- afghan forces take control. they won't be ready for three more years. a bull charging a matador saying it's weakened with each cut. it doesn't request more troops but implies more will be needed in the future. eighth person now dead after a brutal attack at this mobile home in georgia. the killer still on the loose right now. the latest victim was a 19-year-old man who is in the hospital this morning. he was found along with seven other bodies. police are not saying how the victims were killed. just that they range in age from teens to adults. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to any arrest. if you have any information, call your local authorities. a former high school football coach chanched with the death of one of his players heads to court today. david stenson accused of
7:05 am
endangerment in teen's death. he died while practicing in 94-degree heat. he has the backing of nearly a dozen coaches organizations that have contributed to his defense fund. remember this guy? how could you forget him in the iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at former president george w. bush. now we are learning that he is going to be released from jail in iraq a month early. he will be free next month. he was initially sentenced to three years behind bars but the court reduced his sentence to one year for good behavior. hurricane jimena now a category 4. it could turn deadly because it has a high possibility of slamming the coast near mexico's baja, california peninsula. people there stocking up on food, getting ready. shelters also being set up. kids from choula voice tax california. hit five homers in little would
7:06 am
he go series. chinese taipei. top of the third. the chinese strike first. sun hits a huge bomb over the wall making it 2-0. next batter another one out of the park. chinese taipei up 2-0. the kids from san diego county came back, bottom of the fourth. tied up. bull la graph. takes the lead. vista wins. 2009 little legal world series champ. brian: we say world champions because they beat american teams. world champions. those kids should drop out of school and enjoy the fruits of their victory. steve: at least a week. let's dial in dana perino, former press secretary to george w. bush, president of the united states. dana, three news stories ago, they featured the guy who threw the shoes at president obama over in iraq. the only person injured in that
7:07 am
was actually you. you wound up with a black guy in when a sound guy hit you in the face with one of the boom mikes. what do you think about the fact that the guy is getting out of jail a month early? >> well, i think he has felt he has served his time. i will tell you, just watching that brought all those memories back to me because i had a huge shiner for four weeks as we closed out the administration. the scream that you hear in the video is actually me. my husband and i traced it back. so i'm famous. brian: we knew you were famous before. but i knew also you were watching yesterday when chris wallace aired his interview with the former vice president of the united states on "fox news sunday." he talked about the investigations, the interrogations, and this, i don't know but, because you have seen it in a lot of different circumstances, as passionate as i have seen dick cheney since george bush 41 was in the white house.
7:08 am
>> it's a very, very devastating, i think, effect that it has. on morale inside the intelligence community. if they assume that they are going to have to be dealing with the political consequence. it's purely a political move. no other rationale for why they are doing, this then they will be very reluctant. brian: this goes to the heart of his contribution to the administration, correct, dana? >> well, he looked very comfortable. this is a man of conviction. and he has the facts on his side. and so i think that that was one of the reasons that the interview was so effective yesterday. gretchen: i find iting interest because i really laid it on the line. i guess he is in the position to do that he is not really in politics anymore. he basically said he feared for some of the policies that barack obama has put in place, specifically when it comes to foreign policy. your thoughts on that. >> well, i think that there are some things that you can look at and say that the obama
7:09 am
administration has followed in the footsteps of the bush administration on policies that were working. for example, making sure that we are listening in on phone conversations between international terrorists calling into the united states and vice versa. we gotcha law passed. it was something that bush and cheney really wanted to do before we left is to make sure that the tools needed for a fight in the war on terror were in place. barack obama has used most of those. i do think that there is cause for some concern. but, again, just as they don't know what might have happened a h. we not used enhanced interrogation techniques. we don't know what will happen if we don't. steve: dana, who is running the show. eric holder names investigate the president of the united states i want to look forward not backwards. you would think that the president would be eric holder's boss and say, look, this is all -- this is plowed ground. the inspector general looked at this years ago. let's move on. why doesn't he put the can a bash on it? >> well, i think in some ways they are trying to have it both ways. they also probably are trying to
7:10 am
be respectful from the justin department in the white house and thinking it is independent. looks, when it comes to be the chief law enforcer of the land you do have to take a cue from your boss. he has said there is nothing. don't take it from president obama. take it from the career officials in the eastern district of virginia who investigated these claims and said there was nothing to prosecute. what they are doing now is reversing career decisions and putting a political appointee in charge of those decisions. and do any of us really think that they intend to do these investigations and not come out with something on the other end? i think that that would probably be even worse for them. politically. >> let's hear what former vice president cheney had to say -- he told it like it was on this topic, too. >> i think if you look at the constitution, the president of the united states is the chief law enforcement officer in the land. the attorney general is a statutory officer. is he a member of the cabinet. the president is the one who bears this responsibility. i think he is trying to duck the
7:11 am
responsibility for what's going on here. and i think it's wrong. brian: meanwhile, the facts of the matter that came out in the "the washington post" in previously now unclassified material said over a few weeks that ksm, khalid sheik mohammed subjected to co-erive methods. including 7.5 days without sleep. then he was waterboarded. then he began to give up information that revealed more about al qaeda that any they ever previously knew when he became their primary source it was only after those methods were implemented. there is really no wiggle room there, right, dana. >> i think what we know about al qaeda is they train. partly what we know is because of what ksm told us. they train any techniques in order to avoid any information in case they are captured. we it h. to apply legal and effective means in order to get more information. that is how we know most of what we know about al qaeda today. it is no coincidence as chris wallace said at the end of his
7:12 am
interview yesterday that we have not been attacked again since 9/11. part of that is because we understood how the organization worked. >> let's take a listen to what the former vice president had to say about kfm. >> the interesting thing about these is it shows that khalid sheik mohammed and abu provided the reports. they were pivotal in the war against al qaeda. the interrogation techniques, specifically waterboarding in the case of khalid sheik mohammed is what really persuaded him he needed to cooperate. brian: here is what has changed from here on in. the white house is now in charge of enhanced interrogation techniques. when we get a guy, high value detaineeee or woman. we are going to go through this double secret panel of board members who are going to go interrogate that berne. the cia was told step aside. you tell me, if we're safer
7:13 am
because of that i mean, let people at home decide. should the cia be sidelined in situations like this from here on in? >> i think that that is the most disturbing part of this whole thing. the 9/11 reports that one of the reasons we didn't catch on to the plot that was being planned against the world trade center and the other targets was because there was a barrier erected between the cia and the fbi being allowed to talk to one another. what the bush administration did with a very willing congress was to break down that wall. that's what the bipartisan commission suggested and that's what we did. the fact that it's now just the fall of 2009 and we're going to rebuild that wall shows that we are getting off of our war footing and it's very concerning. steve: dana, you just mentioned congress. coming up, brian is going to pick your brain about replacing congress because a brand new poll out says 57% of americans say let's replace the whole congress. we're going to have dana perino, the woman in yellow weigh in on that straight ahead. >> also a caravan of americans
7:14 am
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7:17 am
gretchen: we're back with former white house press secretary dana perino. i was interested in your opinion on this first fact. how would you rate the way congress is doing its job? 56% of americans surveyed say poor. you actually think the number would have been higher or you were surprised it wasn't higher. >> yeah. certainly was. usually what happens is you have people who believe that their congressman is great. but that everybody else is a bunch of knuckle heads that don't know what they are doing. but 57% is still a pretty high number it probably gives a little bit of concern to the leaders, the democrats. and probably a little bit of encouragement to republicans. but there is a few things i have to do to capitalize on that.
7:18 am
and you mention 57%. 57% of americans, that's the figure think that we should replace everybody in congress. we have got another graphic. that's what kind of a job they are doing. job performance. they moved that one. 57% of us say let's just start over. can we? >> right, and i think that that's actually pretty low there benefit to having some experience in congress. it takes a while to get some footing when you are a freshman member. it takes a while to crawl up the ranks of the committee chairmanships which are very powerful. certainly people who have senators that are in powerful committee positions probably don't want their senator to be replaced but if they don't focus on good cint -- constituent service and listening to their constituents especially when it comes to health care debate then they might have some trouble. >> brian: let's go inside the numbers if i can borrow a line from terry bradshaw. and in that it's 70% of the 57% that you saw, unaffiliated party
7:19 am
people. so if they are not a democrat or republican 70% want them replaced and 59% think they are overpaid. now, you mention health care. senator reid essentially says e excuse me, senator grassley essentially says if i don't have -- feel as though there are 7 a senators that agree with any compromise he bill, i am not voting for it there is not going to be a push by any wild caters on the republican side to get something done unless there is some major give. >> one of the things i thought interesting on that point is that yesterday you saw the "new york times" providing air cover to democrats saying that while it's not preferable and we wish we didn't have to do it, we guess that the only thing we're going to be able to do now is ram through a democratically supported bill. and it doesn't matter if there is any republican support. so they are providing them the -- you know, the left cover that they need to do it. but i think it would be a huge mistake. this is not a way to unite the
7:20 am
country. they have to face facts. they can't answer the questions on the merits of their proposal. instead, they suggest that they should ask -- am i really going to be able to keep my doctor? >> every monday morning she drops by, even during the last day of august. dana perino, we thank you very much. >> happily. steve: have a great rest of the summer. >> thank you. gretchen: this s. a amazing story. 180 miles out in the middle of the ocean and survived on gum and warm beer. three men tell us their amazing survival story live. >> first abc gave the administration a full hour in prime time to pitch their health care plan to the american people. that's us. so why won't they air an ad like this. this takes the other side. the man who created that ad joins us next. what's up, smart? being smart. yep. just booked my 10th night on, so i get a night free.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
brian: all right. welcome back, everybody. hope you have a sensational monday. four more days and it will be friday according to my math. news by the numbers. let's start first with 4 billion. that's how much money the u.s. government has brought in from large banks that have repaid their obligations. getting our money back plus interest from last year's bailout. next, 10. that's wisconsin's new minimum age to be licensed to hunt. 10-year-olds will be able to hanged guns with adult supervision starting tomorrow. talk, everybody. and finally 28.3 million. that's how much i have in my savings account. final -- final destination, that's how much it brought in at the box office. that makes it number one this weekend. congratulations to all toes who made it possible. steve, gretchen? >> no, brian, come back over. we are going to talk about this new ad. >> brian: you need me? steve: this is like the johnny carson show, you are being called over to the couch. brian: i thought my reading was good but not that good.
7:25 am
>> now your $2 allowance for the week. while you were a away, steve, we started discussing this idea that two national networks would not run this 30 second ad put out by the league of american voters against president obama's health care reform plan. they said they had policies where they couldn't run partisan ads and that sort of thing. >> so anyway, here is a little bit of the ad which was taken out by the league of american voters that you will not see right now on abc, nor nbc. >> how can obama's plan cover 50 million new patients without any new doctors? it can't. it will hurt our seniors. and medicare as we know it. rationed coverage and care. limit life saving medicines. impose long delays on cancer treatment and other vital surgery. it's happening in england and canada. don't let it happen here. >> tell congress to protect american health care. paid for by the league of american voters.
7:26 am
gretchen: that's the ad. now question for you are nbc and abc revealing a liberal bias but not airinging this ad and sileng opposition? joining us is the league of american voters a national nonprofit group and they created this ad. good morning to you, bob. >> good morning. thank you for having me on. >> all right. so this is an opposing point of view from a physician in this ad. do you find it to be that partisan that it would not be allowed on two national networks when, by the way, abc aired a full prime time hour from the white house on president obama's health care reform plan? >> well, no. i don't find it partisan at all. i don't find it to be controversial, which is the other excuse that abc had for literally slamming the door in our face. with this ad. what i do think is controversial is congress that wants to socialize 1/7 of the u.s. economy. what i do find controversial is the fact that congress hasn't even read the bill and what i do
7:27 am
find most controversial of all is that the president's proposal, in fact, would literally dessem mate the quality of health care for seniors, for anyone over the age of 65. and, you know, that's really what the problem is here. our ad is a powerful ad. it hits the president's proposal right between the eyes by telling the truth. and the truth is, that under the president's proposal, seniors would literally have the quality of health care devastated for them. you are talking anywhere from 150 billion to 500 billion in cuts of medicare over the course of 10 years. so, that's really what this is all about. steve: bob, i just don't get it though. as gretch said abc ran essentially a sunup to sundown health palooza from the white house. they had good morning america. prime time nightline live from the east room. so-called town hall meeting. and that presented one side. now, you want to simply present
7:28 am
the other side and at the other networks they're making you pay but abc says no, it's partisan. that's crazy. >> well, you know, it's always good to be on the right side of fairness. we probably have had hundreds of thousands of people visit our web site, which is u.s.a. and people have gone up there and they have viewed the ad. they have, you know, contributed money so that we can keep it up and running. the ad, incidentally, it s. airing on affiliates throughout the country. we are getting it out there and we are having an impact but, you know, really when you come down to the question of fairness, it is tremendously unfair. we just want to get our side of the message out there. it's a powerful message. it's a winning message because it's true. >> bob. is it a liberal bias on the part of abc? >> well, absolutely. it's just clear unfairness. look, the president had a full hour long infomercial out of the white house by abc. which he got for free. we're willing to pay for 30 seconds. and they won't let us on because they use some excuse that it's
7:29 am
partisan and that it's controversial. what's partisan is the infomercial out of the white house. what's partisan, really the problems the president has with political parties is the fact that it's his own political party that he has problems with. there is many democrats that know that vote for the president's plan. steve: with the votes he has got in the house and senate. >> bob adams the executive director of the league of american voters thank you for explaining your point of view this morning. >> thank you for having me on. steve: i don't think abc is going to have you on either, bob. sorry. meanwhile, thousands of residents flee as wildfires rip through their neighborhoods. firefighters struggle to maintain the flames while two of mourn the death of two of their own. gretchen: caravan of americans who say they have had enough with the government. they are rolling toward washington to give lawmakers a piece of their mind. the chair of the tea party express. he is live with us on the road coming up. ...and new questions about which pain reliever
7:30 am
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7:34 am
in the area as well as mount wilson which is the major communications mountain in southern, california. there are firefighters all across this area, in fact, there is a new flank of the fire guys that really flared up overnight near acton, california. this fire is extremely active. two firefighters were killed yesterday when they drove -- when they were trying to escape the flames and drove off the side of a cliff basically. the two firefighters were fire captain tedmon hall and arnie from palm dale killed in that crash. four other injuries along with that very sad day for los angeles county firefighters as you might imagine as they are dealing with these flames. dealing with trying to save as many homes as they possibly can at the same time, knowing that two of their own were killed by trying to escape the flames. now this fire, again, someone of several burning across california. the other major one was up near sacramento just to the east in auburn, california that burned down at least 50 homes yesterday
7:35 am
into last night. they got a pretty good handle on that fire there as it burned in an urban area up in the foot hills above sacramento. some pretty expensive homes burentd down last night as the wind and dry heat. very low humidity continues across the state. back here in southern california, again, you are getting a live look at this fire, guys. i have to tell you as we drove up this morning, it was a bit cooler than last night but still very warm and very dry. and this is different than the fires we normally have guys. remember last year we were on with you guys live covering the malibu fire and several others burning in southern california. those were driven by wind. this one is driven by hot temperatures and low humidity. back to you guys. steve: no help from the weather man today. adam housley live out in california where it's 4.35 on this monday morning. thanks. gretchen: investigators armed with shovels, cadaver dogs, even chainsaws now combing through the yard of phillip garrido's neighbor. accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive
7:36 am
for 18 years, he was once the other properties next to him the caretaker. >> he lived on that property in a shed. so we know he was there and that is why primarily we are taking a close look at that property. >> we're also learning this morning while jaycee was being held, she was also working for delaware doe. essential part of printing business interactive by phone and email. they knew her as alyssa and not jaycee. coming up in the next hour, we will talk with officers who caught delaware doe at the university of berkeley and saved dugard. steve? steve: former israeli prime minister who seemed poise aggressive push for peace now indicted on corruption charges. ehud olmert is the first israeli prime mere to go on trial facing fraud and breeches of trust. the alleged crimes took place before his 2006 election. olmert says is he convinced he
7:37 am
will be able to prove that he is innocent. justice ministry not saying yet when the trial when l. start. >> secretary of defense robert gates getting a firsthand look at the pentagon's most expensive weapon. the new f-35 fighter jet. in time span have spent $35 billion on the f-35 program. towrpg the lock keyed martin plant where the fifth generation of the fighter is being made. supposed to highlight the importance of the fighter to the department of defense and other things i'm sure that he will learn while is he on that towmplet those your headlines this morning. unless we want to do the story about g.m. and china. steve: general motors hopes a new venture will help increase. partnering with to produce light duty trucks and vans. increasingly popular vehicles in china. hopes to sell between 80 and 90,000 vehicles under the brand this year. despite filing for bankruptcy in
7:38 am
the united states, g.m.'s overall sales in china have remained stronger than anticipated this year. all right. on friday, the tea party express kicked off their nationwide tour holding rallies across the country in hopes of getting congress to tighten the belt and stop the spending. check out that map. steve: that's where they are going to be heading. mark williams is the vice chairman of the tea party express and amy schroder is a video blogger. they join us from las vegas. good morning to both of you. >> good morning; >> hi guys. steve: we just did a story about 20 minutes ago about how close to 60% of americans would like to simply replace the entire congress because they just don't get it. as you wheel across the country with the tea party express, is that what you are hearing, people are frustrated that congress simply does not get it? >> yeah. so far we are hearing a lot of that. and we are finding to our pleasant surprise crowds a whole lot bigger than we expected. here in nevada, harry reid is in
7:39 am
trouble. in fact, is he in so much trouble that he has got a guy following us around, videotaping our rallies. i assume they will be reviewing them later. so harry has heard what we are doing out here. he is -- there are signs all over the place that say anybody but b-u-t-t harry. gretchen: there was this new poll came out today. 80% of the people polled believed that as americans they know more about the health care reform situation and the bill and some the facets than -- could. would you be surprised that that many people would feel that way? >> i really, really, really wouldn't be surprised. i know that one of the speakers that is actually with us through nevada, she pulled out the health care bill. and it's -- these two giant binders probably about 3 or 4 inches thick each and that has to be one of the most powerful things. and, you know, she goes through the whole -- she actually read
7:40 am
it and talks kind of through it a little bit. and i really wouldn't be surprised if they -- they don't know anything about it. >> the thing is written in some kind of bizarre martian. you try to read the thing. it's written so it can mean anything you want it to mean. steve: at the top of the hour, we are going to show how one guy was escorted out by police yesterday from an actual town hall congresswoman from new hampshire. the guy didn't have a ticket to speak up. that's the great thing about the tea party express all you have got to do is show up. >> this thing is so organic and spontaneous and grass roots, it's like trying to herd pharaoh cats. they are taking it seriously. they are understanding that they hold the levers of power. this isn't a series of protests. we are celebrating america. we are celebrating our rights. and we are celebrating them by having a party. we have got musical entertainment. we have got speakers and
7:41 am
local -- we had a 6-year-old kid yesterday who recited the preamble of the constitution. >> it sounds jam packed. i want to make sure we get out there. tea party express in the sports center in vegas today. making your way to washington, amy and mark, thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. >> thanks, guys. >> not only is the pea party express steaming across the country, the u.s. open kicks off today in new york and brian is with the brians. >> this is mike brian and bob brian. these are the best double players in the world right now. they just happen to be brothers. when did you realize that, mike, you were going to be carrying bob the rest of your career. >> whenever i was born. i came out of the womb two minutes earlier than bob i knew i was going to be carrying this guy. brian: this sex sighting for you carrying the back ever the sport. merged with the business channel for this u.s. open coverage first time ever. >> they have done a lot for tennis. especially doubles. we are excited they are carrying the open. biggest sporting event in the
7:42 am
world and it's awesome. brian: can we do the rest of the interview when i play you in tennis? >> do it. come on. brian: to the brian brothers. shibani josie is going to be our ball girl in heels. it's part of the business channel's contribution over here. here we go. now, guys, here is the thing. everybody thinks doubles, they think of the jensons. >> what is this ball dead? how much do they resent your presence? >> the generalsons are good guys. they play with a lot of enthusiasm. we like to get fired up. these balls are a little dead. >> let'sous my balls. >> we have got more. >> there you go. >> here we go. here is the thing. you guys are also musicians, am i right? >> yeah, we play music, too. >> thank you very much. i'm also a musician. -- not magician, musician. this is for you. ready? >> it's got to be over here. i'm very particular.
7:43 am
>> all right. tell me about your music career. >> we have been playing music our whole life. just like tennis. and we actually taking it pretty seriously now. we are releasing a cd tomorrow, actually. we met a guy david barron who is our lead singer. i'm on the drums, bob is on the piano. tennis songs coming out on our web site. and i tunes tomorrow. >> why don't you play along. why don't you guys break up. i hear you have never been away from each other more more than a week. >> no. we are pretty tight. yeah. we share a house. we share a lot of stuff. we share an email account. brian: how good am i, guys? that's a big story. mike and bob, thanks so much for coming down. good luck. i'm predicting just like you did the australian, i'm predicting another victory and you won the last u.s. open in 2006. these are the doubles winners, in fact everyone else just quit.
7:44 am
thanks for joining us in the business channel. i love that matchup. let's keep playing. >> brian and the brians good job. meanwhile straight ahead is he outspoken supporter of the catholic church. is he afraid liberals are killing america's traditions and erasing our morals. bill donohue tells you how to take your country back next. lost at sea 18 miles out for more than a week. they survived on bubble gum. the three fishermen join us live to tell us about their life and death or deal straight ahead on "fox & friends." it made a big splash with the employees yeaaaahhhh! find out more at aflac!... (laughter) so, what's the problem? these are hot. we're shipping 'em everywhere. but we can't predict our shipping costs. dallas. detroit. different rates. well with us, it's the same flat rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate. alabama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service.
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steve: welcome back. are america's traditions, values, and norms in danger of become extinct. catholic league bill donahue thinks it's an all-out assault. behind the attacks on. brand new book called "secular
7:48 am
sabotage." he joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what do you mean liberals are destroying. >> i don't mean the moderate liberals. the extremists within their ranks who have become very, very vocal. over the last i would say several decades what we have seen is all-out assault. new atheism. fund mentionist atheism out there to get us. not just atheists. people disaffected catholics and protestants mute nears in their own religions trying to change things. radicals whatever you might say about the marxist they wanted to tear down our society and put something new. in i think their idea was flawed. new radicals -- all they want to do is tear down the cultural edifice. they are intellectually spent. they have nothing to offer. >> there are people in the church, you are saying, who want -- the church has been in business like it has been for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. these people just change it. i don't like this part. i'm going to change it?
7:49 am
>> there is nothing wrong with saying that the catholic catholic church or any religion ought to reconsider certain teachings and make certain changes as long as it's not the heart and soul of the teaching. i'm talking about people who really want to to radically realter the teachings of the catholic church. if they don't like it they can walk down the church and join another religion. steve: we have a sound bite on thursday night. listen to this and then i want you to weigh in on it. >> if your report is governed by anything personal, ethical, rationale, or humanitarian, then the vatican is [bleep] steve: ok. >> i hold cbs responsible for. this. steve: that was on cbs? >> that was on show time which is owned by scrcbs. so i hold leslie moonves and these other people and summer red stone who have allowed this kind of garbage go on this. was nazi like assault. this was julius striker back from the grave. this time going after catholics
7:50 am
instead of just. they are going to get free advertisement. i'm making thousands of copies and sending them to bishops and religious leaders all across the united states. i want people to know this is what cbs stands for. what you are trying to do with this new book is for the millions of catholics out there and other people interested just to say ok, you might show up on church sunday but you really don't know what's going on behind the scenes. >> that's exactly right. i deal with the sexual engineers, the elements of the democratic party. legal activists and i name names. this is not just an essay. i'm very specific in secular sabotage. steve: brand new book, bill. it's always a pleasure. >> thank you so much. >> straight ahead. they were lost at sea for eight days and they survived on bubble gum. three boaters join us live with their incredible story of survival next. but, first on this date in history back in 1975, glenn campbell had the number one song in america. rhinestone cowboy.
7:51 am
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çógretchen: remember a couple weeks ago when the lockerbie bombing was let go from a scotland prison because of compassion? he was supposedly diene of prostate cancer. this guy had açó hero's welcome and libya. now details are coming out that quite possibly, the united kingdom had made a deal, and that mayñi be behind his release. how would you feel if you were a family member of oneñr of those people killed on that plane?
7:55 am
>>ñi let me tell you in little upsbit. ñri cannot do that. ñimyhe was a junior at colgate. he was at the syracuse program for a semester. he was returning home to go back to school. he got blown up and killed with 270 otheqr people. steve:ñi now the man who was hed responsibleçó -- the only person convicted for the pan am bombing over lockerbie, scotland -- he has been freed by the scottish government. there are reports in the british one report says it could be british petroleum to the other says it could be shelleale.
7:56 am
essentially, his name came up. the foreign minister said he did ñinot want his name in there. nonetheless, this happened. apparently they made some kind of ideal. within sixçó weeks, that guy was sprung. ñrñrñibrian: here is senator chk schumer. . >> if it is proved that there was -- there ought to be some sanctions against the british government. gretchen: i find it unbelievable that this could be true. i do not know how the unred states continues to have negotiations with great britain, a listees kind of deals are going on all the time and we p @ çóit seems outrageous to me that this could possibly beñr3xrì(lc+ happening and they would strike some kind of a deal like this. brian: i would prefer that the country that fights with those
7:57 am
inçó afghanistan, and continueso intelligence, rather than a country that does this for an oil deal. ñri hope he is dying. kudos if he is dying -- who knows if he is dying. steve: the foreign secretary has denied it. straight ahead, she represents the american people, but listen to what this lawmaker has to say about an enemy of united states. steve: that is a u.s. congressman's voice.
7:58 am
gretchen: a man is thrown out by police at a town hall meeting. why? because he asked a question without permission. i never thought it could happen to me... a heart attack at 53. i had felt fine. but turns out... my cholesterol and other risk factors... increased my chance of a heart attack. i should've done something. now, i trust my heart to lipitor. when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. unlike some other cholesterol lowering medications, lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk... of heart attack, stroke, and certain kinds of heart surgeries... in patients with several common risk factors... or heart disease. lipitor has been extensively studied... with over 16 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems... and women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems.
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8:01 am
[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: good morning. it is monday, august 31. police or army themselves with the shovels and chain saws, searching for clues in the jaycee dugard case. steve: they were lost at sea for more than one week, surviving on only bubblegum and warm beer. the three rescued boaters will be here to tell us their survival story. brian: one of the most popular
8:02 am
country music stars of all time, thank you for reporting the news in a fair and balanced way. august. it is the end of the summer for so many. a lot of kids have already gone back to school. welcome aboard. gretchen: the eighth person has died after a brutal attack of this mobile home in georgia. the killer is still on the loose. the latest victim is only 19. the man was in hospital as recent as this morning. police did not say how the victims were killed, just the they range in age from teenagers to adults. now there's a $25,000 reward for
8:03 am
any information leading to the arrest. the sec inspector general will deliver a new report that blast the agency for failing to catch bernie madoff. the sec transfer asked cots to find out why the sec did into several allegations against bernie madoff as not credible. court documents showed that bernie madoff misled the agency for years. and the agency mayñi have made mistakes. cox is sending the report to th this is a fox news alert. massive wildfires burning out of control near l.a.. two firefighters have died this morning. their vehicle was overrun by fierce flames and plunged off the side of a mountain. a veteran firefighter, 26 years on the job, and a 35-year-old man. right now, 1200 homes are in
8:04 am
danger. more than 40,000 acres have been scorched. space shuttle discovery successfully docks atçó the international space station. a thruster failure made the flight al little noisier. they'reñi dropping off thousands of pounds of equipment. it will perform three space walks. he is serving our country in iraq, but thanks to the internet, he was able to watch the birth of his son. dad watched from his base via webcam. >> he was on camera and i could see him and hear him. he could see me. >> we are grateful he has been able to be a part+ of it and he has saved the day. gretchen: he is expected to be in person was mother and child this november.
8:05 am
steve: cannula imagine this. u.s.ñi congresswoman said something like this at a town hall. -- can you imagine something like this? brian: is that from "saturday night live"? steve:ñr that was a california congresswoman at a town hall meeting. it is not the only shocking thing she had to say. the author of "a culture of corruption" joins us today. brian: do you think that fidel castro is the brightest leader she ever met? >> her regard for his intellect iq. i have been following this woman
8:06 am
since she was a state legislator in california. she has a long history of communist whitewashing and race baiting, which was the other part of theñr video. to sell obamacare. she told this mostly black crowd in los angeles that people were trying to stop the health-care takeover because they did not want to support a president that "looks like her." steve: we have the exact sound bite. listen to the congresswoman.
8:07 am
gretchen: does it have anything to do with race, or does it have to do with his policies? >> she is trying to make it about race. she is accusing her opponents of fear mongering, which is exactly what she is indulging in. theçó new leap to her endorsemet of both fidel castro and the mass mu@dgr rate marxist guerrilla, and they're really quite appalling. not just the comments, but the fact that they were met with so many instances of applause by her own voters. the historical ignorance is just appalling. she recognizes that people go to cuba and take a look at the health care system. i'd recommend that she goes to miami and talk to cuban refugees who escapedñi that and wanted
8:08 am
prevented from happening here. brian: will she pay a price for this? it is beginning to get everywhere. is she going to pay a political price? >> no. that is the bottom line thing that is so horrifying. she is supported by enough people that she has been elected and reelected to congress so many times by people who have no clue about what happened there and about the real bloody face of bothçó fidel castro and che. steve: brothers of the border -- representative porter had a town hall in portsmouth on saturday. 150 were there. she had a man ejected. apparently he did not have the correct ticket to speak.
8:09 am
extraordinarily this man is a retired police officer. a member of the sciu union -- there was a question whether he was even a member of the district. >> and i think this shows how incapable so many of these town hall containers have been in taking the heat. they cannot take the heat. that is why they take refuge in union offices. that is why they have the purple shirts protected them from the rough-and-tumble world of answering their own constituents. if you go back to your own town, it will not be like debating on the at house floor with a robert's rules of order. ñithere she is injected people
8:10 am
were simply challenging her. gretchen: apparently she was an anti-war activist who may have been at añr few protests herself. that is more startling. if you have done this in your life in another capacity, why would you hold others responsible now? it is just freedom of speech, right? >> for imperial members of congress, it is. steve: to eject a former police officer to speakñi just becausee did not have a ticket. that is crazy. and >> because he was calling out one of the union thugs. brian: harry reid said the american bible have seen the rudeness. -- harry reid said the american people have seen the rudeness. ñr>> they bully, harry raider, s a lot of goods but talking about
8:11 am
the tactics. -- theñi bully, harry reid. at a time when they are challenging harry reid and his poll numbers are in the tank. gretchen: always great to see you. thank you for getting up early. >> thank you. brian: congratulations on "culture of corruption." they saw him looking suspicious on the campus of uc-berkeley. the two campus police who noticed a white police officers have missed for 18 years join us. -- the two campus police who ñinoticed. steve: take a look outside. there's charles payne taking on the bryan brothers.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
gretchen: you have heard this story by now, this sickening story about jaycee dugard. she was held captive in the backyard of phillip garrido. she was taken as an 11-room child. it was brought to an end last week thanks to the police training and intuition of two police officers. good morning to both of you. it is a very complicated case, but the two of you spearheaded this entire thing last week on the campus of uc-berkeley. you saw phillip garrido with two young girls. he was acting weird. what was he doing? >> he was very adamant about
8:16 am
hosting an event on campus. he had this manifesto that he was very convinced that he had to demonstrate so that he could áuju+ip @ he was very erratic. he was very unstable. his conversation was inconsistent. he was all over the place. we could clearly tell the there was somethingçó not right and nt focused with him. more disturbing is that he had two young girls with him. gretchen: after this first encounter, you somehow set up another meeting with him to do a background check. you figure out that he was a registered sex offender and he was just here with two young women appear you have him come back. what happens then? >> i asked her if she would come in and sit in on the interview regarding his event, so i would have another trained eye to help
8:17 am
me make a determination as to what i was detecting was valid. gretchen: grnews said the meeting was like "little house on the prairie" makeets cults with kids. >> i do not know if that is my quote. they were wearing very old- fashioned dresseñis. ñiñrtheir behavior was very robc treaty was preaching more about god. i knew it was some kind of religious ankle. -- i know there was some sort of religious angle. gretchen: you had an instinct -- did you know that he was supposedly the father? if you did, you'd expect to have some affection between father
8:18 am
and children, but they were fearful of him? >> no, they were not fearful of him at all. heñr introduced them as his daughters. they called him dad. ñiat one time, he put his arm around the older one, but she stood very stiff. he said he was so proud of his daughters. they did not seem scared of him. gretchen: you called his parole officer. ñiby the way, the parole officer had visited him for 18 years on his property and never knew that these three women were held captive. the parole officer told you that phillip garrido has no children. what happened to thehen? >> she called the parole officer. >> i called them and he said that he did not have any kids.
8:19 am
that is when i start thinking the worst. they were not exhibiting any signs that there were in distress. gretchen: isn't that the scary thing about these situations? the brainwashing potentially that goes into this. çóthe two of you are responsible now for breaking this case. how does it feel to know the the hard work that you do on a daily basis has paid off in this way? >> there is a ratification in that we doñi -- there is gratification and we do what every police officer does. most cases just do not get the sensationalism and the announcement. the personal gratification is that this family will have a these kids will have an opportunity to have friends and social relationships. gretchen: it is an amazing story.
8:20 am
we're just writing to scratch the surface of all the frightening details. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. gretchen: fall is almost here and lawmaker still have not figured out a solution to health care. peter johnson, jr. has been studying all summer. and she has number one hits and plenty of tv and movie credits. country clean reba mcintire stops by to tell us about her new album. since arthur's been eating purina one, he has blossomed... into an incredibly strong, healthy cat. his coat is incredibly shiny and soft and very thick. everybody thinks he's the most handsome cat they've ever seen. [ woman announcing ] purina one for indoor cats... unlocks the brilliance of nature... with a natural fiber blend that helps minimize hairballs...
8:21 am
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8:23 am
brian: as september of rods, the health-care debate will move from the town hall meetings to the halls of congress.
8:24 am
democrats are threatening to how passeriform withoutpass reform t republican input. >> grief of a toss in a senator kennedy has now become raw political opportunism. liberal democrats are opposing the loaded question -- what would teddy do about health care? we have seen eight months of the throat -- we have seen a month of the true american congress. so many democratic congress people chose to hide out, afraid to see the faces and zaidi of those they serve. it was in august where dissent was demonized and our oldest
8:25 am
americans, convicted in the media for merely gathering fact s, were scandalized as evildoers and monsters. viral emails from the white house. the president and go to the moral righteousness of his plan. ñione poll shows 50% of the american bibelots big government care. before we found out -- one poll shows 50% of american people oppose big government care. ominous quality of life your measurements, mandates. your leaders know that their health care reform makes many of you feel sick. democrats in congress, who once lauded post partisan america, now say they have the votes, it
8:26 am
will be their way or the highway. don't blame us, blame the republicans. senator harry reid may use a select parliamentary maneuver called reconciliation, which means just the opposite. even though the president's popularity has crashed faster than almost any american president and stands now at less than 50%. the confidence rate of americans stands only at 32%, "the new york times" cheered on the president yesterday. why? because you can't. do it for teddy. -- because yes, you can. if something is to be done, should it be done for you and me
8:27 am
and your family and mine? the illusion of transparency that has marked their health care politics. we have catalogs a city ballet of destruction and deception. health insurers -- in the blue room, and then shakes and privately in the white house back room to give away. less choice, and less access. less care for seniors, while underweights, shorter office visits,çó general practitioners instead of specialists. the cost-benefit analysis of which many of you wonder what terrible i get and when? on every -- the cost-benefit analystanalysis of which many ou wonder, what care will i get and
8:28 am
when? a bright light on who we are and what towe can't afford as a people? for selfish, short-term political gain, by invoking a departed liberal hero is to lose the confidence of the american people, to ignore the bright light shown by you, mr. and mrs. america. the future of ordinary but powerless americans has always weighed heavier on america's scale of social justice than the political fortunes of a sitting president or the imagined legacy of the now departed political sponsor. we hope and pray that the history that all of usñi make in the coming weeks keeps faith i founders example. and those are my thoughts on this last day of august, 2009. we willñr keep watching. we will let you know. steve: peter johnson, thank you very much. brian: straight ahead, vice president dick cheney opens up
8:29 am
and fire's out the president and his "america's neadministration. >> we have a track record of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks from al-qaeda. the approach of the obama administrationñr should be to ce to those people involved in that policy and say how did you do it? brian: yes' does the president is ducking his responsibility. steve: america's textbooks used to shake your children's education. they may contain information that you do not want them to know. tucker carlson reveals the truc. gested. but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. zyrtec-d® lets me breathe freer, so i can love the air™. (announcer) zyrtec-d®. behind the pharmacy counter. no prescription needed.
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call now-- and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or business - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. steve: stays spread of the so- called swine flu. gretchen: the madison county and madison city school districts closed entirely last spring. are they prepared this year? brian: you are back at school. what is happening? >> kids are getting to school. i spoke to officials here. they said last spring, one case of age one and one caused the school to shut down for four days.
8:34 am
-- they said last spring, one case of h1n1 caused the school to shut down for four days. does the major thing they're doing this year. they're still telling students and parents to keep their hands clean. i spoke to the school nurse. she said that some students have complainedt( that they were sic. they're not taking any chances. if the child complains of having any symptoms, they are immediately sent home. i have the principle with us. we will talk a little bit about what happened last spring in what you will do differently in the fall. >> we were notified by the department of health. we are doing things much differently this year. we are emphasizing proper hygiene. students are getting a hand washing my sense and lessons on how to cough properly.
8:35 am
-- students are getting hand washing lessons. we sent home information to parents. we have posters throughout the building to reinforce the proper hygiene. we are hoping that this year we will have a great handle on things and things will go smoothly. >> do you think parents are taking the precautions and listening to health officials? >> absolutely. we have great parents here. they are listening to us and the health officials as to what to do to prevent the spread of h1n1. >> you have had a few cases so far. far. ou? >> we have symptoms, but nothing that worries us at this point. >> we have heard from health officials the schools should not to shut down, but to take precautions. they have special quarantined rooms for sick kids.
8:36 am
back to you. steve: great job. thank you very much. brian: it looks like a kindergarten wing. that is when school was fun. ñr>> that is what we said. gretchen: so many parents are worried about the swine flu. it is important to keep on top of that. in the meantime, let's go back to international policy. chris wallace had an instance of interview with the former vice president of this nation, dick cheney pretty pretty much on loaded his thoughts about the cia investigations. and news that khalid shaikh mohammed, the mastermind behind 9/11 -- that is when they got all the information. it was some of these techniques that we were able to find out how al-qaeda runs. now we will investigate those people. steve: last week, attorney
8:37 am
general for the united statesñi eric holder appointed a man to reconsider pursuing criminal charges against the interrogators. keep in mind, the inspector general of the department of justice already went over this and said no, it is not appropriate. eric holder said let's take a look even though barack obama says what's go forward. here is dick cheney yesterday on what this investigation could potentially do to morale and everything else at the cia. >> we have a track record of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks from al-qaeda. the approach of the obama administration should be to come to those people that were involved in the policy and say how did you do it. instead, they're out there now threatening to disbar the lawyers. brian: not only that, things
8:38 am
have changed. whether you like the bush administration policies or not, this is brand new. the cia will launder lead the investigations. there will be a special panel put in the fbi building that will be an all-star team of investigators. if we get bin laden, the white house will have direct oversight of the interrogations'. steve: are you suggesting we are going back to the way it is during the clinton years, where there's a wall between the department of justice and intelligence committee? brian: on top of that, when he talked to some of the investigators, he found out they had to read the miranda rights to al-qaeda. steve:ñi it is law enforcement. gretchen: dick cheney says this will set a terrible precedent
8:39 am
that will increase the likelihood of future t error attacks. he accused president obama of trying to score political points with those on the far left wing of the democratic party. he believes there's no way eric holder would go ahead with this investigation if he did not get the green light from the president of the united states. steve: police are coming to the secret compound in california, searching for clues in the case of the missing girl named jaycee dugard. gretchen: claudia joins us now[. what is the latest on the police search? phillip garrido lived in a shed on the neighbor's property? >> that is exactly right. federal agents and a lolocal law enforcement officials will be
8:40 am
back here today looking for evidence in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case, and other open cases. over the weekend, they brought in cadaver dogs. they were digging up this yard next to me. this tent is a police officer processing center. there is thee1ñi shed next to i. investigators believe phillip ñigarrido lived in that shed foa time. phillip garrido's own backyard is on the other side of the wooden fence. we're getting our first pictures of the deplorable conditions in which jaycee dugard lived for 18 years, including the last 15 years with her children. there were kept like animals inside this secret camp ground. also, a shed that could onlyñi e
8:41 am
opened from the outside. investigators will be coming through the structure's and clearing away the brush. neighbors expressed concern about many of the other sex offenders that live in this area. more than 100 registered sex offenders just in this zip code. brian: we know how jaycee dugard is doing at this hour? does she plan on addressing the press? >> there's no word on that right now. the family is insistent on maintaining their privacy. her stepfather said the family reunion is going well, but there are challenges ahead. >> it will take years. it is so sensitive. she is taking its minute by minute. people do not realize that it has been 18 years. the girls have never been to a doctor. they are not educated.
8:42 am
>> jaycee dugard is spending time with counselors. the family is having to move from hotel to hotel in the area to maintain privacy. we do not know when any of the relatives will appear publicly. we will try to get some pictures. we will try to convince the family members that the world is waiting to see jaycee dugard, waiting to send her their good wishes as well. steve: that is one of the craziest stories ever. thank you very much. brian: let alone the two girls who do not know anything about their dad. gretchen: who knows what was going on. coming up, are your kids text books telling them lies? steve: check out this video of an erratic driver. police probably thought that guy was drunk.
8:43 am
no the driver is only nine-years old. brian: country clean reba mcentire has a new cd. of all her accomplishments, what makes forñr the most proud? we will tell you. ♪ but when i walked in here i wasn't sure what i needed. i'm not sure what i need. tom showed me how to use mifi to get my whole team working online, on location. i was like, "woah". woah ! only verizon wireless has small business specialists in every store to help you do business better. you're like my secret ingredient. come in today and connect up to five devices on one 3g connection. now only $99.99
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gretchen: this is a fox news alert. you are looking at live pictures of a massive wildfire burning out of control near los angeles. two firefighters died battling this fighter. 1200 homes are in danger. for more than one week, they were clinging to life on potato chips and chewing gum. three missing boaters are reunited with their families. they were rescued in the gulf of mexico. they were 180 miles out to sea. >> i told eddie he just gave me
8:47 am
a second chance at life. i'm not going to take it for granted. gretchen: the coast guard had called off the search on friday. the driver of this car looks drunk. turns out the driver was sober and only nine. no word if there will be any charges. steve: recently in alameda county, the school board passed a curriculum teaching students through fifth grade about gays and lesbians. tucker carlson, fox news contributor, joins us now. out in alameda, calif., they have decided that they want to address the issue of bulying.
8:48 am
they have combined that with the sexual orientation and they're starting these discussions as early as to an arde tinder gard? >> that is right. ñiis one thing to say, we are more to teach your children that certain lifestyles are ok. they are not as straightforward. they have said there's a problem with violence, and we need to combat that by telling your children that gay families are ok. kids will read about gay penguin'sñi raising a child together. in fifth grade, they will learn the definition of transport underñi -- the definition of transgendered, and bisexual. making value judgments about a very controversial subject and doing it in the name of protecting children. we checked with the fbi. there are no reported incidents
8:49 am
of violence based on essentiallsexual orientation ine grades. steve: when i was in third grade, we study the books like "little house on the prairie." we did not have a penguigay , as -- gay penguin books. >> it has nothing to do with having your children understand who founded this country and why, and basic education is blown right past. a lot of money has been focused on this political agenda. steve: and the focus will be on your show, which kicks off this friday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. thank you very much for joining us.
8:50 am
reba mcintire has been in the music business for more than 30 years. is not stopping any time soon phrygia's here to tell her -- she is here to tell us about what is next for her. bill: good morning. dick cheney talked to chris wallace over the weekend. more on what he said and howñr s comments may affect interrogations'. riptides are killing some swimmers this summer. some imported reminders you need to know at the beach. health care reform. our debate with two daughters face to face. all that is coming up in 10 minutes on a monday morning. . it's what doct most for headaches. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers..
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8:53 am
[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute steve: "keep on loving you" is
8:54 am
turn new record. she joins us right now good morning to you. >> good morning. how're you doing today? steve: we are doing well. the first single off of the cd was "strange." is it true that you dedicated it to our show? >> how did you know that? i did not. steve: what do you think about it? >> i thought it was a very good up-tempo first single off of the all kumsong. i thought it was the first one to leave the album with. it has attitude. it is a good song. she was really upset about this guy leaving her. she did not like him that much in the first place gretchen: you have done so much other stuff in your life, tv, and everything else. what brought you back into the
8:55 am
studio to do another album? >> i have been still recording while i was doing the tv show out in los angeles. i absolutely loved going back into the studio with a duet album. to come back in and do a solo album after all the years -- just being there by myself, it was a lot of fun. some of the same people i got to work with -- it is an exciting time for me right now. i have brand new material. i have new songs that i can go out on stage and perform. steve: did you learn how to multitask from your father? was it your father a world-class steer roper? >> yes, my grandfather and my father were both steer ropers. not only was he a cowboy, but he
8:56 am
was a rancher as well. along with all of that, i was in the 4h club and i played basketball. steve: a norman rockwell picture is your life story. >> it could well be. gretchen: another song on your cd is "she is turning 50." i understand that you had a bunch of parties for turning 50. instead of saying, i am 30 forever, you are bound to be over 50. >> i absolutely am. ithey threw me three 50th birthday parties. i celebrated for all of my friends and families who will never get to see 50 years old. i think this celebration is meaningful. it is a celebration, not only
8:57 am
for me hitting 50, but just remembering all of those that did not go on. steve: we thank you very much for joining us today check out her new cd. it is called "keep on loving you." read the mcintyre. -- reba mcentire. (announcer) before they give you the lowest price, with memberships and fees. but not walmart. they have hundreds of generic prescriptions for just $4 for up to a 30-day supply and no gimmicks. save money. live better. walmart.
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